• Krystal Osborne

    Thou Shalt Not Whine. See too much of this on fb... Too many spoiled, whiny "grown ups". Be grateful for what you have and STOP WHINING!!!!

  • Wendy Kaduwa

    i always remember this, and be grateful

  • Sara Pyne

    Good daily reminder to be grateful

  • An Hạt Dẻ

    This quote reminds me to appreciate the things or people I already have (family, friends, home, etc.) rather than looking at other things that I "think" I find more greater.

  • Jessica Castillo

    Always a good thing to remember.

  • Tanya Ilustrisimo-House

    Food for thought! Appreciate what you have!

  • Nazca Kip

    The paradox of having and not having ... Be grateful for what you have quote

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