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  • Teresa Davis

    Dryer Sheet Uses - there are so many alternative uses for dryer sheets that go far beyond the washing machine. Here are just a few dryer sheet uses to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Michelle Moss

    12 Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets

  • Heidi Pierce

    Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets: cleaning baseboards I had to repost this. I used dryer sheets to clean my white bathroom baseboards. It is AWESOME!!! So so so fast. I will never use anything else.

  • Kristen Nicole

    You can use them to wipe down baseboards and ceiling fans, and electronices. It keeps them from recollecting dust and lint for a long time! Or to polish a stainless steel sink and draining area in the kitchen. Nothing works better to bring it to shine.

  • AM Chezen

    Great Uses for #DryerSheets: Why Didn't I Think of That? Lots of alternative uses

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