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Dr. Bonner's Lavender hand sanitizer. #crueltyfree #noanimaltesting

from Garden Therapy

Heavenly Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Geranium Carrot
Lavender Geranium
Drops Geranium
Drops Lavender
Lavender Oil
Carrot Seed Oil
Carrot Seeds
Heavenly Coconut
Diy Heavenly

This coconut sugar scrub is made with skin repairing ingredients like lavender, geranium, carrot seed oil and more.

from Etsy

Your Child's Actual Writing Silver Message Bracelet -Tension Bracelet - Made to Order

Mommy Things
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Mom Gifts

your child's handwriting. i would never take it off.

Vegan John
Opensky Beauty
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Organics Sea
Mist Sea
Sea Salt Spray
Masters Organics
John Masters
Beauty Closet

John Masters Organics - Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender

from BuzzFeed

Here’s How I Got Rid Of My Acne Once And For All

Essentialoil Perfectmind
Oil Essentialoil
Short Oil
Skin Oils
Oily Skin Products
Oily Skin Care
Acne Prone Skin Makeup
Organic Face Products
Organic Face Scrub

Long story short: oil.

Destress Bath
Detox Destress
Ways To Destress
Ways To Relieve Stress
Reducing Stress
Health Remedies
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Stress Hives Remedies

It feels good and it is good for you. I also mix a little baking soda and coconut oil for microabrasion treatment for my face while I am in there. Concentrate breathing with 10 deep healthy breaths.

from The Idea Room

Homemade Spa Recipes

Ingredients Craftinge
Scrub 3
Lip Scrub Easy
Dry Lip Scrub
Easy Lip Balm Diy
Natural Lip Scrub
Natural Scrubs
Body Scrubs
Salt Scrubs

brown sugar lip scrub

Homemade Soaps
Diy Soaps
Homemade Health
Handmade Soaps
Diy Easy Soap
Homemade Body
Buy Coconut Oil
Butter Coconut
Lavender Coconut

Dry skin? Try these super easy hard lotion bars made with just 3 ingredients.:

from In The Tea Garden

18 Uses for Dr. Bronner’s Soaps!

Bronner'S Soaps
Soaps Lily
Pour Soaps
Bronner'S Castile
Rose Castile Soap
Us For Castile Soap
Castile Liquid
Dr Bronners Tea Tree Soap
Uses For Dr Bronners Soap

18 Uses for Dr. Bronner's Soaps! I recently rediscovered Dr. Bronner after watching Dr. Bronner's magic soap dish, BEST SOAP EVER!

Make Your Own Deodorant & Other Natural Beauty Products (Infographic)
from mindbodygreen

Make Your Own Deodorant & Other Natural Beauty Products (Infographic)

Natural Organic Makeup
Beauty Organic
Natural Beauty Products
Organic Diy
Organic Products
Skin Products
Care Products
Natural Skin
Organic Hair Product

Learn how to create toxin-free makeup that makes your face look good + that's good for your insides, too.