Ferris Buller's day off: spend a day recreating the movie, spending the day like Ferris did.

The Art of Film : The Museum Scene in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" A Tribute to the Art Institute of Chicago

Marie Antoinette's carriage.

For all you people who post "wedding" things, this is Marie Antoinette's wedding coach. She rode this for about twenty minutes through the grounds of the Versaille, and this ten times more elegant than anything you will come up with for your wedding.

Marion Cotillard Fashion and Style - Marion Cotillard Dress, Clothes, Hairstyle - Page 2

Marion Cotillard - Valentino Haute Couture silk chiffon and crepe de chine dress and cape. Photography by Tim Walker / Styled by Jacob K / w magazine, December 2012

Will you still love me when i'm no longer young and beautiful?

Gatsby and Daisy just casually taking selfies. Love is very present in The Great Gatsby. There is love between Gatsby and Daisy, between Daisy and Tom, and between Tom and Myrtle.