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  • Waltraut Frieda

    CANTOR’S GIANT SOFT SHELLED TURTLE Instead of an exterior shell commonly associated with turtles, the Cantor’s giant softshell turtle...

  • Lori Hehn

    The Cantor's Giant Soft Shelled Turtle is one of the most unusual looking animals on earth and certainly one of the most odd turtles. Yet few people have seen it or know about it. It's not a sea turtle - the Cantor prefers to inhabit inland, close to streams and wetlands. They are native to Cambodia but are very rare.

  • Jeannine Baker

    i I like turtles. In fact the hill I grew up on was known as Turtle Hill because we had so many. These turtles aren’t ones I’d want to touch or take home though. The large soft-shell turtles live in fresh water, and spend most of their time buried. I don’t know about you, but to me a turtle just isn’t a turtle without a hard little shell and a gorgeous pattern. These ones are monotone. Just the thought of feeling a soft shell makes me cringe, but I guess if that’s all the protection they need, who am I to argue with Mother Nature?

  • Elda Leuschke

    Cantor's Softshell Turtle - freshwater turtle, native to Cambodia, which can grow up to 6 feet in length. It spends 95 percent of its life buried and motionless in the sand surfacing twice a day to take a #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals

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Like the reflectiveness of this. Could this be emulated in a tattoo? The water? Crystal clearness?

Giant Tortoise. Not sure why but I love turtles/tortises

Baby Slider Turtle - I had one of these when I lived in Arizona, named it moose, I loved that turtle, sadly, when I moved back to CA it wasn't happy about the move and after many suicidal attempts he succeeded. MOOOSE! I miss you!

The Diving Turtle is a symbol of creation from the North American Indians, and is part of the inspiration for the Daliesque Earth Diver, original art-jewellery. Silver pendant & chain necklace with 23kt gold vermeil diving helmet and enamel. #GiftAStory

aw; more babies of rare animals - I wonder if we can save some of these species this way?? Red-bellied short-necked turtle

The Green (Sea) Turtle is an Endangered Species, even though it is now protected throughout most of the world. Threats to the species include illegal hunting, habitat destruction, pollution, and accidental entanglement in fishing lines. Green Turtle @ Sipadan by lndr, via Flickr

Florida softshell turtle (Apalone ferox). Soft-shelled turtles are strange. Over the long course of evolution, they've lost the outer, keratinous, layer of their shell. With the exception of one clade they've lost the peripheral bones on the outer ring of their shell. These and other morphological oddities make soft-shelled turtles a compelling study animal.

A very cute turtle you dont see very often