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Not that I want to be proud of or unrepentant of sin.I just would like to be honest, I am a sinner but God calls me by my name. When I repent I know I have been forgiven. Unlike others who live their life in a lie.

I believe this!

cause without my friends I would be lost, cause certain one in my family is not worth it. Family who does not put the whole family first is pure sadness. Especially when family values are misplaced. Often in our family.

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Your "poor me" attitude is quite annoying. For the record people can see through you and the ones that can't are just like you. Quit playing victim and get over yourself. GET OVER YOURSELF! how many times have I said that to him!

Dr. Steve Maraboli

Sometimes it seems that the louder someone claims sainthood, the bigger the horns they are hiding. - Steve Maraboli Narcissistic abuse hurts we can heal loves this Pin Thanks Abuse


You know that saying, misery loves company.too many people at work take that so literally! You can take your judge mental miserable ass away from my sunny side of life, k thanks!

I'm sorry if you don't like my honesty, but to be fair i don't like your lies.

Inspirational Quotes: I’m sorry if you don’t like my honesty. but to be fair, I don’t like your LIES… ((HATE a liar!)) Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description I’m sorry if you don’t like my.

If only. What I want to know is why say something to tear others down? If you have nothing nice to say, shut up.

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If only closed minds came with closed mouths is a nice saying, but it's be nice if 'open-minded' people kept their mouths closed as well. Just keep your opinions to yourself!

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You can't blame anyone but yourself. Funny how you tell on yourself for the wrong things you do and then turn around and say you don't know how we know stuff.