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    • Tomi Job

      10 Lessons in Female Fat Loss. Note how it mentions that you need fat in your diet and not to skip meals or eat too little. It's not healthy and doesn't help you lose weight!

    • Rhonda Jessop-Kearney

      10 Lessons in Female Fat Loss - Awesome fitness blogs!!

    • Maryclaire Allen

      Watch the video on this site about weight loss secrets.

    • Kim Bramlett

      10 Lessons in Female Fat Loss 1. Set a Deadline 2. What Gets Measured, Gets Managed 3. Replace One Habit at a Time 4.Tell Someone Your Weightloss Goals 5. Eating Too Little Will Make You Fat 6. HITT Is The Fastest Way To Lose Fat 7. Keep Your Heart Rate High 8. Have A Plan Of Attack 9. Eat Protein And Fats For Breakfast 10. Eat Carbohydrates After Your Workout ONLY

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    If only I could remember this when my workout alarm goes off at 6:30 rather than hitting the snooze. Really need to get on that...

    Stair/Stadium Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

    i hate when fat people say" but i hardly eat" give me a break, just be honest with yourself and others, i always am, i love to eat, i eat and im on the heavy side !

    Thinkin this would be a great morning workout routine for my mission. Thanks Em!

    Immortal Training: holy Crap! 2 stair hops 10 stair jumps 6 wide run/hop out hop in 5 stair sprints 100 level change toe taps 10 push up tuck in 20 lateral alternating squat 40 run in 2 cross in 2 3-5 rounds finish with 5 min low plank hold

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    at home, no equipment, crossfit workout

    at home, no equipment, crossfit workout...for the days I can't make it to the gym.

    This is my favorite quote for workouts. Its so true. Work until your happy!

    The Sugar Detox: 3-Day Detox Plan To Kick Your Sugar Addiction - "Sugar truly is addictive. Your body reacts to it like a drug and craves it constantly. What we’re asking you to do is to quit – cold turkey." #detox #cleaneating

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