• Leslie Miller

    Willy Wonka meme. Crossfit. Humor.

  • Horvath Birtle

    Though this is my favorite meme, only Tina will truly understand why this one put a sour look on my face. For it is my favorite thing on earth to make her laugh and then say immediately, in an exasperated way, "I'm so funny..."

  • Mariana Delgado

    willy wonka - So you're a bodybuilder? Which music festival are you training for? #lol #soTrue

  • Loriana Goulding

    So funny & so true haha willy wonka meme

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Funny to most but hilarious to those who have lived through it and come out the other side (albeit somewhat cracked and twisted).

College. Post college: sub out class & homework; add children. As well as Pinterest & Facebook to the inner circle. Yep, still true.

Not the just the first day but when I don't wanna do homework I get home and lay on the floor. Lol

i mean, it's funny, but is it funnier that i'm married, pregnant, and thinking grad school for a second time sounds nice?

The worst part of writing my thesis is that I'm barely in the "draft_rev.2" and just 2 chapters :( #Gradschool #phdstudentlife

Finals Week in one meme... College in a nutshell

So i need to go to graduate school in order to be truly where do i get that money guess I need to rob a bank now

The Existential Crisis: What am I doing with my life??

"If I died and went straight to hell, it would take me a week just to realize that I wasn't in graduate school anymore."

In HS that crisis moment was usually the night before class. In College it was the weekend before the assignment was due.