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Haha I can totally be this lazy to where if you were if you were to ask me a question I wont answer till like 3mins later!!! So don't ask something till after im lazy... okay?

How…????? Is this …I'm confused. How does this even work???

Catacked - My first response without thinking: "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!" (Trailing off to silence, as I lean forward and squint at All. The. Little. Cutout. Cats. The office worker has some very dedicated prankster friends!)

They’ll never find it… I'm not the only one that has to do this?!

I’m hitting every copier in the office with this…

No more trash on the streets…men are funny creatures. ;)

my friend who delivers pizza gave this to a girl he had a crush on.. they are a happy couple now :) - Imgur

April fools here I come! more funny pics on facebook:

April Fools Day Pranks (Top 5 How To Pranks) Best April Fools Pranks And Jokes

Madison this is so you!!! You would probably DIE if I showed you this hehe

perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I bring one pack of gum and its gone no joke by the end of the day, and I only eat one peice more funny pics on facebook: