Haha this is so evil!

Mentos Ice bomb for your friends that love soda - http://www.jokideo.com/

every time...

Time bomb sodas

ERMAHGERD! I laugh so hard I cry everytime I see this.<3

Mentos Bomb

Best Prank Ever

funny and mean all at once. someone should try it. maybe good april fools joke!

Definitely on the To-do list.

April fools or just to leave at work for those co-workers who take without asking!

#22. Youre close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. / 26 Adorable Animals to Help You Through the Day *Click for all. More amazing and funny stuff at: http://funiest-stuff.com/car-prank/

"Going to fix it up and put it back in the vending machine cause I know someone would take a free soda." ... @hippichic1 There's a prank for ya. XD

These just sound like fantastic things to do.

Best prank ever!


funny pranks

Here are some simple and geeky ideas that just might be borderline genius.

I'll be the best and worst Mom for this one.

Started laughing hysterically when i read this ;)