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Calories? I Think You Mean Delicious Points tshirt

This is so Cooper Attack Of The Funny Animals - 40 Pics

The hash tag is the best part! Lol

...ballet isnt for everyone

Nerd Jokes

Pinstrosity -- A blog where people submit Pinterest projects that didn't turn out as planned. This blog is hilarious and almost as addictive as Pinterest.

cranky pants. haha

I get it every time!

Rowan so needs this

Can't. ...stop...laughing!


Jenna Hill ...I feel like your husband would enjoy this :)

Dog-shaming SO funny!

True story.

Oh so true!!

How I feel about a lot of crafts on Pinterest...


Mind blown...

reminds me of cooper and my mom's cat mia

That's Awesome!

Haha this is so evil!

Just made this mistake last week, except with pasta salad...whoops :)


The right way to answer true and false questions.