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Hiddleston and Downey, conveniently packaged. /swoon

CASTING - HARLEY- Ocean Beach series by Emma James - Chris Hemsworth

Sexy Avenger Men. (: i'm okay with this

Bono & The Edge - U2 360 Tour, Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by Jeff Lush, via 500px

The Edge (U2) - Yes, I gotta a crush on The Edge from U2... I think he is handsome and he can play the hell out of a guitar!

A round of applause for Ryan Reynolds please :)

RDJr. ♥!

Chris Hemsworth

If there is one man I would literally spend a night with... it would be Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr, Iron man

Luke Bryan

Cap 3. Day 1. Time to suit up again #civilwar #captainamerica #hawkeye hope the seams hold up

♥ Robert ♥

Jared first celebrity crush from "My So Called Life" and therefore a must on the Swoon board.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto


Jared Leto-30 Seconds to Mars lead singer and Actor and my future husband :)

Much like wine, RDJ, only gets better with age

Ladies, I present RDJ

Tom Hiddleston

Jared Leto

Tom Hiddleston

Chris Hemsworth,