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THERE are people who never paid attention to THEIR teacher in school. THEY'RE probably wondering what this means.

Quick guide to southern grammar. YEESS !!! i hate when i go to a restaurant with the girls and the waitress says " hi guys what can i get you to drink" it's either ya'll or ladies... GUYS is not a replacement for y'all

I hate it when people say that...even worse when you try to correct it and they refuse to believe they're wrong

  • Kelly Dawn

    OMG....I'm an English teacher and it drives me CRAZY!! It's almost like it has become acceptable. My husband's family does it all of the time....I corrected him so much he doesn't anymore.

  • Carlie Worke

    My husband says it too, only when I correct him he claims I'm wrong and says it even more. Drives me insane!

I paid attention to the construction signs and got in the correct lane. You ignored them for miles and now you want me to let you in. Not going to happen.

Your in America 2.

  • Ima Nirak

    People keep repinning this as something funny but I think it's funnier that they don't realize that the owner of the car doesn't know English well enough to notice the grammatical error. I'm glad that someone finally did!

" was a literal fire hydrant of knowledge..." -some guy I know

  • Rosalyn Jackson

    i have to admit i'm one of those people that use literally incorrectly

  • Christine Mansfield

    that's okay I can forgive you, sense I don't actually know you as long as you promise to try harder to use different words in the place of literally :)

  • Nile B

    SINCE we are on the subject, you used the word sense here, incorrectly. It should be SINCE, literally.

Some days I wish I had a crappy education so your grammar wouldn't bother me so much.

Even google judges people on their spelling! It's YOU, not U! Just two more letters!!! Are you that damn lazy?

  • Whitney

    I looked up "how can you..." on goole and it says the same thing.

  • Lexi Pigott

    ... the point was "is it really so difficult to type a proper sentence/question?" you went to school for a reason...

hahaha...another reason to not drop out of High school to become a musician.

From a proud dog owner!!!