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Inspirational Ideas And Thougths ... !, It Is Said (All the flowers of the all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today) TO FULFILL YOUR00 DREAMS YOU NEEDTO BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS And You Need To Create That :) Think Different And Just Be Yourself ... !! Live You Live And Be Happy :)

Sometimes all you need is a hug or someone to tell you everything will be ok, or some rough sex or whatever... a good girl, this has been so true in my life :) I love is a close friend of mine!

People who are well liked:1) Ask for nothing 2) Laugh at themselves 3) Listen with interest 4) Rarely complain 5) Inspire others 6) Teach 7) Give (quote)

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Oh so true...

What's left unsaid, says it all. Advice to all the single ladies: all those moments of silence & unanswered questions when you thought he was thinking. He wasn't.

but I still have time:) #quote #lbloggers #wordstoliveby