Perfection all around.

Thick denim shirt.

Stanley Weber. Gimme!

Intellectual Gray Haired Man.


This guy is so sexy.. and he is prolly in his 40s..I like older men who are NOT a playa. The playa does not interest me one bit.

Flannel, beard, glasses, messy dark hair.

no idea who this man is, but he's a looker with a book. His name can go on ze list.

Layering done right | Raddest Looks On The Internet

Notice the fade haircut. *remember for JD's next haircut*

We so love a well dressed casual man!!

Nice sunglasses

Men's Fashion

#fashion #style #men

Notice how this shade of warm green plays up his warm skin tone and dark hair. Definitely a look I'm going to try.

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Burberry London Woven Silk Tie | Nordstrom

Mark Ray - love the details. The glasses, the suit, the tie, the silver fox stubble. Nice.