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Cost of 4 Year Degree v. Earnings of 4 Year Degree. Education is Broken #besomeone degreed.com Rising tuition. Student Loans. Student Debt.

Self-learning: The New Degree

The Cost of Dropping Out #infographic #hackingedu

Student Debt Infographic #education #hackingedu

Student Debt Infographic #education #hackingedu

Costs of #education #hackingedu

Cost of Higher Education #hackingedu

Infographic of Student Debt and Student Loans #education #hackingedu

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Best Practices for Creating an Online Course

How #digital #devices are reshaping #education #infographic #hackingedu

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The State of Digital Education

5 Worst Value Schools #education

How we learn and educate our children and citizenry is undergoing a massive shift due to a perfect storm of technology, cost and a wave of discontent with the status quo in some of the current education approaches. Here are some of the main movements and projects that took the stage in a big way in 2012.

My latest blog post - "What Is Education?"

Online learning site BenchPrep recently announced a $30 per month subscription-based service to access a wide variety of courses. They need to replicate this subscription model with a whole lot of textbooks to free students from the burden of high book costs.

"...these massive open online courses, or MOOCs, harness the power of their huge enrollments to teach in new ways, applying crowd-sourcing technology to discussion forums and grading and enabling professors to use online lectures and reserve on-campus class time for interaction with students."

With the proliferation of open educational resources (OER) and their creatively disruptive role in the education space, you – the committed learner – are the primary stakeholder.

"This week, a team of researchers out of MIT, Harvard, and China’s Tsinghua University—all schools that offer MOOCs—released a study showing that students who attended a MIT physics class online learned as effectively as students who took the class in person. What’s more, the results were the same, regardless of how well the online students scored on a pre-test before taking the class."