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Meteorological Triptych - the only 2 photos (to date) of a tornado, rainbow and lightning bolt together. weather you are drunk 1 of 2

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Lightening Strike
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lightning strike

Peak Lightning
Lightning Storms Clouds
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multiple strikes

from The Weather Channel

Meteorological Images of May 2012

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Crazy shit!

Tornados 3
Tornados Lightening
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Rainbow Lightning
Lightning Tornado
Lightning Bolt
A Rainbow
Nature Unreal
Powerful Nature

Meteorological Triptych---tornado, lightning and rainbow

Whip Lightning
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Lightning Bolts

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Lightning Hitting

Lightning strikes pine tree by bill.bryant99 on Flickr. "I managed to catch this lightning strike on a pine tree last night. Fortunately, there was heavy rain at the time, so the fire was extinguished immediately." Golden, Colorado, US.

Rainbow Lightening
Lightning Rainbow
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A Rainbow
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Rainbow and lightning bolt!

from BuzzFeed

25 Unbelievable Pictures Of The Tornadoes That Hit The Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Worth Tornadoes
Area Tornadoes
Tornadoes April
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Storms Tornados
2012 Tornado
The Tornado
Tornado Photo

2 semi trucks flying at Dallas....