1000-year old year tree, england.

♥ 1000 year old olive trees in puglia


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The Circus Trees were originally grown and created by Axel Erlandson, by using intricate techniques. He spent over 40 years growing his experimental tree shapes. As a result - woven wonders made from living wood.

What a beautiful tree!

Boabab: Also known as the "tree of life", Baobab trees, found in Africa and India, can live for several thousand years.

The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California - A tree with a tree.

winter tree

The Crowhurst Yew in Surrey. The door was in place before 1850. Yes; it really is on a drunken angle. This ancient yew tree is thought to be up to 4000 years old. Despite the trunk being hollow, the tree appears to be in good health.

Wonderful old tree!

The rainbow tree: This form of eucalyptus grows throught the Maui rainforests. Its bark peels back throughout the year revealing a beautiful range of colours.

"laden tree in winter"


Birch grove

One brave stand alone tree

New Wonderful Photos: Tree Covered In Blue Snow

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Trees hugging... Rain Forest, Australia