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(Jupiter in Taurus in the 6th house of service & health) HOW things happens in my 6th house of service & health.

Taurus...the thinkers of the Zodiac Taurus #zodiac. I'm always thinking ahead & researching and pondering different outcomes & situations and ideas. My mind is like 50,000 open tabs lol

Gemini - I don't usually post things like this, but it is a valid thought.

It is weird - I read one like this and I'm feet but also lymph which is weird because that's were all my cancer was - creepy zodiac

What? Me? No...! I'm a Cancer. And I would NEVER murder someone... At least... I think..?

Sagittarius fun loving personality has more to them than meets the eye. Check out the details...

Zodiac Matchbook Jotters

im a scorpio and my best friend is a cancer i actually freaked her out saying i was an alien !

Okey, who the fu*k still believes in horoscopes? Even though there are currently 13 signs, but the astrologists still only count and predict 12? Also: Who the fu*k counts fire, air, earth, and water as elements? That hasn't really been done in rather a long time. (Have you ever seen a periodic table, FFS?!) The worst thing is yet to come: I found this pin on a board called "Nature & Science"! Wow. I think that actually makes me speechless. -Ragne.

Cancer zodiac sign ♋💗Zodiac Signs ~ there's something to it...