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It is weird - I read one like this and I'm feet but also lymph which is weird because that's were all my cancer was - creepy zodiac

Zodiac signs And I'm cusp born Libra and Scorpio. So I will avoid/ignore you until you manage to piss me off so much that I eat your face off. Haha basically same as above.. I'll ignore you until it really gets on your nerves and then I'll say some bitchy remark to make your life hell..

I can attest, because my most major exes were Aries, that yes, they can cut a bitch. OMG I Love THIS! And I dated a Scorpio, scary, A Sag, meh, not too crazy and Cancers well, I ve had 2, y pues, I don't consider them murderers.

Sagittarius fun loving personality has more to them than meets the eye. Check out the details...

Zodiac Matchbook Jotters

I'm more of the...... Unstable part of Capricorn....... Like Gamzee..... (I am serious, btw. I just have more self control than he did) and that fact scares me

Cancer zodiac sign ♋💗Zodiac Signs ~ there's something to it...

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