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Taurus...the thinkers of the Zodiac Taurus #zodiac. I'm always thinking ahead & researching and pondering different outcomes & situations and ideas. My mind is like 50,000 open tabs lol

It is weird - I read one like this and I'm feet but also lymph which is weird because that's were all my cancer was - creepy zodiac

I can attest, because my most major exes were Aries, that yes, they can cut a bitch. OMG I Love THIS! And I dated a Scorpio, scary, A Sag, meh, not too crazy and Cancers well, I ve had 2, y pues, I don't consider them murderers.

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astrology~I am a triple fire (sun,moon and rising all fire signs) so take the fire sign qualities and times it by 3... it can be exasperating!

im a scorpio and my best friend is a cancer i actually freaked her out saying i was an alien !

A little too true,,a little you,a little me,,a little of both,,,

Sagittarius -YEP...I can forgive....will FLARE up again if the subject is brought to light over and over.

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(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ #Sagittarius ... So a Sagitt's wavelength doesn't match with other zodiac signs and I also read a Sagitt cannot be with a Sagitt. Oh great God! I need to clone myself on a different month/day. lol