Utter pitcher..too cute

Udder milk creamer jug // haha! #product_design

best toaster ever

Sliced Cold Beer Glasses - $35

half pint

Fancy - Cold Fish Ice Cube Tray by GAMA-GO


A penguin for your tea.

aquarium designed by Psalt looks like it is about to fall off the table. The Bubble Tank was made to provoke reactions and start conversations. The shape of this amazing fishbowl was inspired by a water drop which was ready to flow over the edge of the surface it was resting on.

snail tape dispenser

Paint drip mug - removable cap

floating cloud couch that uses magnet....sleeping on a cloud!!!! this is awesome! haha

Created by Portuguese and Milan-based product designer Tania da Cruz, this white flower-crowned head is actually an exuberantly fun and surprisingly simple ceramic vase.

Mr T Roll Holder #weirdstuff This mighty little strongman helpfully raises the toilet tissue.

Fancy - No Drip Honey Dispenser

the perfect cup of coffee. just pour the right amount of milk to match the right brownish color.. need this!!!

i want these

yes. So ridiculous yet awesome.

owl mug

Keyboard Cups /

Designer's tea time.