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  • Heather LaVigne Downey

    We've covered New Moon wishes before, but it never hurts to stop and review them. Why not? If we get the chance to do it every month, go for it! If you are wishing for money, toss silver coins over your back at the Moon and make your wish. If you are wishing for love, blow kisses to the New Moon tomorrow night and say, "I see the Moon and the Moon sees thee, I am making a wish for you to come to me!"

  • Jessica O'Kon

    new #Illustrations #poster

  • Rebecca Floyd

    Blue Moon :)

  • Your New Vitality-- Julie Formby

    CRESCENT MOON: "Blow the shofar at new moon, and again at full moon to call a festival!"-- Tehillim 81:3

  • Phoebe Adelaide

    Beautiful Moon!

  • Dee Alexander

    Beautiful waxing crescent moon ZSL Inspiration clearish night sky

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♥ (Taji Mahal) - What will the world do without light? That's why the sun provides in the day and the moon by night. In between, we generate the power to brighten unlit places. Gas ♠ LNG ♠ Gas ♠ Electricity. That's the process.

Full Moon Halo Over a First Quarter Moon by Michael Manefee

Turn your head slightly to the right and a woman in prayer comes into sight. For upon this summer eve, one is not above or below, merely comforted by the still of the night, all is peaceful, no strife. Alone and serene, glory unfolds. Hush!

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The universe is always speaking to us. ... Sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more. ~ Nancy Thayer

"Red flares in the background from a cigarette sucked fiercely in a moonlit window." #JFKA