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    RELAX Jar - Instead of counting to 10 to calm down, why not make a RELAX jar? Turn the jar until you find all of the letters to spell RELAX. Hopefully the student will get their mind off the situation long enough to calm down!

    How do you make a calm down jar- Here are six different recipes. 6 Ways to Make a Calm Down Jar by Preschool Inspirations

    THE GLUE SPONGE- This is brilliant. - seriously why didn't I know about this before?!

    The Creative Counselor: Relaxing Rice for children who need to regulate themselves when they become angry

    Zones of Regulation visual -- use in office as another way for students to see the connection between the zones and using a tool to calm down

    Sometimes kids just need to learn how to relax. This will definitely help them get mesmerized! #kids #mindfulness #meditation

    The Privilege Jar - This is an excellent idea for rewarding extremely good behavior and reinforcing character traits you want to develop.

    This Calming Find It Game is perfect for changing a child's focus from being upset to concentrating on finding fun objects in a find it game. I use this fo

    Teacher’s Top Ten: Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Students

    Make the Most of Your Class Marble Jar: ideas for using your marble jar effectively. www.minds-in-bloo...

    Make it RAIN! Hot water in the jar, cold front "clouds" on rains in the jar. Totally awesome.... I am literally gonna do this right now.

    I used an old Kleenex box and covered it with duck tape. You can use whatever for the counting. I used cotton balls (20) and then when a student is starting to throw a fit or having a hard time following directions you have them dump out the 20 items and count them as they put it back in box until they calm down!!

    PlayDrMom gives tips on how to make and use Relaxation Jars

    Calming Jar....with exact measurements

    An Anger Box is a box filled with various calming items for a child to use when they are feeling angry or emotional in any way. The idea of the Anger Box is not that it’s a punishment, but a way to teach children to work through their emotions in a healthy manner.

    10 ways to praise your children... great ideas!

    Other cool jars to use for a calming bottle

    Cool Down Cubes - great for students who have difficulty with anger. Using a permanent marker, write a safe "cool down" strategy on each ice cube. For example: count to ten, walk away, talk to a friend, take three deep breaths, etc. I also left a few of the cubes blank so that the students could come up with their own strategies.

    A rice box to help students calm down and relax. It’s a wooden box filled with rice. We mixed a teaspoon of Lavender essential oil into it, dropped a few shiny marbles, stones and seaglass inside, added a bamboo stick to stir the rice and look for all the hidden loveliness.

    Marzano: "This is probably one of my favorite things for my classroom so far. It’s a little self-assessment flip chart. I have made one for each student and it will sit on the corner of their desk. It is small enough that it won’t be embarrassing for the student but it’s big enough that I can see at a glance who is having trouble with the topic and who is doing fine. I might not use it for every lesson, but I do think that if I get the kids into the habit of using the flip chart..."