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    Zabity stoczniowiec nr 1 z urwaną przez czołg nogą. Fot. Edmund Chabowski

    Podziemny znaczek pocztowy wydany przez Solidarność, upamiętniający Kazimierza Pużaka, jedną z legend Polskiej Partii Socjalistycznej i jego uwięzienie przez Sowietów:

    An Anarchist Militia Women, Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939 [323x480]

    German and Soviet soldiers meet in Brest on September 22, 1939.

    Ekaterina Dzhugashvili, the mother of Joseph Stalin, seated on park bench, Tiflis, Russia, 1931 by Margaret Bourke-White

    Spanish Civil War Republican militiamen posing with nun mummy from tombs desecrated at the Convent of the Conception of Toledo, circa 1936-39

    Starvation was vast during the Russian Revolution. These refugee children, their bellies distended from malnutrition, gave mute testimony in 1921 to the famine that killed as many as 6 million people. The Molokans that were able to leave Russia before the he worst natural disaster in Europe since the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. Five million Russians died.

    Spanish civil war

    Ulrike Meinhof, German journalist and member of the RAF (Red Army Faction)

    Russian Cossack Wehrmacht volunteer.

    On December 16, 1989, thousands of people took to the streets of Timisoara in Romania to protest food shortages, harassment of a dissident ethnic-Hungarian priest, Laszlo Tokes, and the dictatorship of Nicholai Ceausescu in general. Many were teenagers and students, and the brutal suppression of these protests marked the beginning of the end for the Ceausescu regime. A few days after the massacre in Timisoara, Ceausescu gave a speech in Bucharest before one hundred thousand people, who shoute...