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GUM BALL MACHINE FULL OF BARBIE DOLL HEADS ( Mattel / vintage / retro photograph / black white photo / creepy / weird / strange past ) - so how much is a head

Black umbrella lady at the Père Lachaise - Paris, June 2012 Those ladies were walking around the Père Lachaise cemetery, reciting poetry (a bit dirty) to people who walked under their umbrella..Fabien Pochez


Starbucks Should Pay Him For These Designs

You know you're an artist when you draw on coffee cups at work. #artistlife

I was going to make some joke about this + Priya but i'm not going to lie, I'd kill for this dino head.

Every woman has a creature inside. (Interesting, Bizarre, Weird, Strange and Unusual, Lipstick, Squid, Tentacles, Octopus, Mouth)

Child holding a teddy bear in London, 1968 ( I had a giant teddy bear when pre- school called Teddy Edwards )👍

"Killer White Rabbit" from the UK TV series "Misfits", Season 4 - Episode 6 | Director: Jonathan Van Tulleken, 2012:

vintage halloween costume – kids giraffe mask – kids halloween costume ideas | Small for Big