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    i miss having a dog in my life - we could take him on a walk in the woods....

    Old dogs have the best love, make the best companions and have the biggest heart! Adopting one, is OK. Doesn't have to be a pup

    I don't know why I love bulldogs so much, but I just do. He makes me laugh, and want to squeeze him!

    Walk a dog—even if you have to borrow one. Getting outside with a puppy by your side helps you reconnect with nature—a curious canine will stop to smell the flowers and the pine needles, and you’ll find yourself slowing down and soaking up the green.

    Chihuahua-13 by perawus, via Flickr. Looks like a Margaret Keane.

    The most important thing to have in focus are those eyes! The expression is key. Capture the expression you really want most in the painting.

    This dog is named Mango. Mango is kind of internet famous. And kind of incredibly cute.

    Harry the baby hippo! Are you kidding me!?! Baby hippo kisses! WTH I want baby hippo kisses.

    Those eyes and the gorgeous big ears. Yorkies have such soulful eyes. A stunning little creature.