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Before Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Before Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Help pave the way for a smooth recovery by making sure you’re fully prepared for total knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery And Its Associated Complications

Knee arthroplasty,or knee replacement surgery can be opted for people suffering from osteoarthritis as a treatment measure when the pain associated with this

Can You Kneel After Knee Replacement? Kneeling in a "Safe" Manner. - YouTube

Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck answer the question, Can you kneel after a total knee replacement?

This home exercise program demonstrates 18 exercises that can increase knee motion and strength. The program is useful for patients who have knee arthritis and also for patients recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Home Exercise Program: Achieve good motion and strength

Total Knee Replacement Recovery and Rehabilitation Timeline Infographic

Knee Replacement Recovery: What to Expect

For a speedy and successful recovery from total knee replacement surgery, it helps to understand the rehab process and set goals along the way. View this timeline image to get an overview.

Total Knee Replacement for K             ...  nee Arthritis | Arthritis-Health

Total Knee Replacement for Knee Arthritis

Learn about total knee replacement surgery (total knee arthroplasty), a surgical procedure to treat severe pain and loss of function from knee arthritis.

"Kiwi Lifestyle" Butterfly Dream Photo ART T-shirts

"Kiwi Lifestyle" Butterfly Dream Photo ART T-shirts

Click on Katherines knee to see the animation of her knee replacement wound healing from 2 through 6 weeks post-op

The Wound: Important considerations to understand

Proper wound healing is critical to the success of a knee replacement surgery. Each surgeon has their own protocol for how to manage the incision. There are several options for how the wound may be closed including staples, steri-strips and.

Fast Track Your Recovery From A Total Knee Replacement:: How to Eliminate Pain And Pain Medicine The Quickest Way Possible

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery Time and What to Expect

Discover what to expect when recovering from total knee replacement surgery and how much the recovery rates for various activities can vary.

Dr. Ong discusses day rehab for hip and knee replacements on NBC

Ong discusses day rehab for hip and knee replacements on NBC

After Knee Replacement: A Great Exercise to Try!, via YouTube.

Physical Therapist Brad Heineck presents a unique way to increase your knee motion after a knee replacement (TKA)using a wheelchair.

Recovering from total knee replacement surgery? Here is a list of 10 simple exercises and stretches that can help you rehab faster and easier.

10 Exercises Before Knee Replacement Surgery