el lenguaje de texto

Did you know?! These Spanish words have no English translation Friolento = Friolero

Infografía about sports - can be used to teach/reinforce question words and frequency of events

anchor chart in Spanish for synthesizing- error here: should be "determinar importancia"

Internet español / Texting abreviaciones Jerga - aprender español, vocabulario, español

I this video the lady challenges me to listen for certain verbs while she speaks quickly in Spanish. It really pushes my listening skills and I think it has helped me improve on identifying verbs. It's kinda like an activity you have had us do.

Drama genre anchor chart in spanish

IB Spanish B Teaching Pictures

Teaching Spanish: Thematic & Authentic

IB Spanish B Teaching Pictures

Tengo una vida: would be cute with my social media theme!

Una habitación especial - ser / estar con adjetivos para describir el dormitorio. Es grande y está sucio


comidas: benefits to health. Mantener la salud Spanish 9

Vipo, el perro volador antitaurino

Por y para para hablar del movimiento y el espacio.

Instagram accounts for Spanish class

We look at where they are... and what it takes to get to the next level!

IB Spanish B Internal Assessment Pictures

Modismos para Escritura/Idioms #duallang #bilingualed

Palabras de transicion