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what is sad about this is that i have anxiety about zombies and i am a 38 year old mother. i blame the center for disease control. wash your hands.

zombie apocolypse-- three seasons of the Walking dead and I'm totally prepared!

OH Florida......If I have to run, I'm tripping you. I hope the zombies love what you had for dinner last night.

If you read that story, you know you thought it. Lol.

Some useful and basic advice for increasing your survivability in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. Remember; this information is not meant to treat or cure a Zombie bite. If you are bitten by a Zombie, please either immediately chop-off the bitten extremity, or place your head firmly between your thighs and kiss your butt good-bye.

Animals dressed up as animals. The Dino cracks me up.

This is how it was in the beginning. No more.

Look at this dog's face. Purely, I don't know what I did wrong!!!!

Diana Hernandez Isaza let's do this agaainnnnn!

Epic valentine's day card: Roses are red... Dead flesh is green... When the dead start to rise... you're on my team. Seriously, my husband and I have spent a disturbing amount of time discussing our tactics in a zombie apocalypse.

zombie finger - hilarious