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country boys

Cowboy boots and big trucks!my husband and I's first conversation was about his BIG TRUCK!

Someday I will paint this on a sign for her : )

mmm i love my country boy -- there is nothing better in this world than boots & wranglers.

I don't know about the Daisy Duke stuff, but the other stuff resonates for me

camo country girl saying Quotes

True that.

I will always be a Southern Country Girl.

Country is in your blood not in your closet. Quote

City slicker think just cause they have a pair of boots n worn jeans makes em country. Its all about how ya was brought up n raised

Country girls

That's me I love Tractor pulls and im not a tomboy im a country girl

ladies love country boys - trace adkins <3

great idea for wedding photo with a cowboy hat.

Even though I love Tebow and everything this is true. It's praying always has been always will be!

It's called praying

Ever since I was little

everyone else was playing with barbies, dressing up in dresses and pretending they were princesses, ballerinas or fairys. I just wanted to ride a horse and play in dirt.


Country Quotes: "Country girls play like a boy. Love like an angel and know their way around a shotgun.

Country boys are a MUST. :)

"I don't want a knight in shining armor.I want a man in boots and plaid" - Love my cowboy!


Real country girls vs the fake ones

I for one do prefer camo over Coach, trucks over cars, boots over heals and country boys over city boys... :)

Wedding at Marriott Ranch in Virginia Countryside

Nothing like a true country girl but sorry not trading my Camaro ;

Words of wisdom :)

Roses are red,mud is brown, country music up, tailgate down

Love this song...I've been told once it's my theme song lol

for sure :) Ladies Love Country Boys by Trace Adkins

Damn straight. And don't dare tell me my horse can do something when I say he can "there's no way he's that fast" "no way you can make it to the next barrel in time". No one knows but he and I.

Country girls can do anything