A teacher's face when... she sees a student do something and then he tries to tell her he didn't do it.

A teacher's face when. she sees a student do something and then he tries to tell her he didn't do it.


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Lots of Memes about student beahvior. More at

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He doesn't act like that at home

We can keep this face for 2 seconds, then we move on to figure out the problem together. Hey, the parents showed up. The situation is not bad!

What happens when students forget about a test.

On the first day of school, instead of going over your classroom rules, why don't you just create some memes explaining your rules. A quick and memorable way for your students to connect with routi.

This IS NOT what I planned

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This happens every time I ask this question...or they ask me before I finish my instructions. :)

Teacher Memes

U guys do not understand how much this pisses me off lile those r the exact questions and everything!

Every. Single. Time.

he tells his students to triple-check their answers and someone forgets answer 5 questions.