Socktopuses: Take a sock, stuff with fabric or plastic bags. Sew shut. Cut bottom of sock into legs. Ta-Da.

Cute No-Sew Fleece Octopus Craft

bloody crafts: Socktopus tutorial

Fish Party Decoration

No sew caterpillars made from socks!

No-Sew Caterpillar and Butterfly Cute Children's crafts

Hand monsters. Easy and very cute!

Sweet sock doll. For all those single socks that lost their mate.

Mismatched sock snake - at last a good use for all those odd socks! Would make a great diy homemade draught excluder.

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Fab cats made from recycled sweaters by sankowo ~ Get Ozzi #Cat #Magazine - All about #cats! >>

the fishing hole role

WICKED SITE!!!! Lots to do !! -sock monkey

DIY felt crown--fun for birthdays!

Color rocks with crayons. Place the rocks on a foil lined cookie sheet and bake them for 15 minutes at 200 degrees to melt the crayons. Let them cool and then have the children grab an old sock, turn it inside out and let them rub the rock to polish it up and make it shine.

cute sock zebra

DIY fabric boxes

Christmas Sock Exchange! Such a cute idea.

quiet book idea