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    "I first learn of my fate on a Sunday morning at church. There is to be a roller skating party... I cringe, looking over at my daughters’ excited faces sitting next to me in the pew. 'Oh, please Mom. You’ll take us, won’t you?'" >>> via @Tess Thompson

  • Jen Hemmes

    Your a child of the 80s if you instantly recognize the doo doo brown rental roller skates!

  • Kandis Jones Hallam

    Roller Skating Rinks!

  • Meghan McVeigh

    Friday Nights at the Roller Rink

  • Tracie Cottrill

    Keeley's, Definitely my number one childhood memory!

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oh the memories... roller skating on wooden floors...attempting the shoot the duck move and failing miserably while my classmates looped me over and over......

Vintage Roller Skate Shoes Sneakers Womens Mens Rollerskakes.... VINTAGE? Really? I remember skating on Bike and Whitlock Streets with Sherry, April and Heather Yenna! It was sooo much fun!!! I Had some of these!!!!

Roller skating every Saturday morning! And....every other day of the week!

Ahhhh....The good times I had with my boom box and mix tapes. Back when pirating music wasn't illegal.

THESE were MY roller skates. I loved loved loved them. You couldn't get me out of them. via the '70's ! ~ Sara

80s Bubblegum Pink Cassette by ZebrasAndBubblegum on Etsy: I had this when I was little...sigh...why did I ever get rid of it...

Still have some :) Jr doll skirts, backpack purses and top it off with plastic barrettes for ultra coolness.

Oh the memories Loved to roller skate - even though my genetic problem with my ankle made it painful to skate - really loved the feel of the wood floor under my feet as we skated to the music at the local Skateland. Hated the smell of these used shoes - wonder how many people wore them over the years.

Cassette tapes. Yep I had these tapes in the 80s