oldschool heroes: pop icons with retro hipster flavor. artist: Fab Ciraolo empire of the sun

Art is Alive

This is an artwork from Moscow-based Russian illustrator and graphic artist Alexey Kurbatov. I like this design because it's beautifully detailed, and the colours fit really well for Frida Kahlo.


Harmonious Beer Can Butterflies

Paul Villinski, Fable Cello, Aluminum (found beer cans), Stainless Steel Wire And Soot

Saatchi Online Artist: Sara Riches; Pen and Ink 2013 Drawing "Let the Music Play"

Let the Music Play Drawing by Sara Riches

"Let The Music Play" by Saatchi Online Artist: Sara Riches; Pen and Ink, Drawing "Let the Music Play"

2017-10-09.png (482×6020)

2017-10-09.png (482×6020)

Con dibujos a lápiz de color y acuarela que retoca digitalmente, el diseñador Fabian Ciraolo descontextualiza la vestimenta de íconos pop imaginando cómo se verían en estos tiempos.El chileno, Fabian Ciraolo, se apropia del imaginario colectivo para mostrarlo, convertirlo y reinterpretarlo hasta construir una obra única a base de la pintura, la ilustración y el diseño.Utilizando una …

El mundo Pop de Fabian Ciraolo

Edward Scissor Hands, version: Cultural Icons Remixed As Hipsters And Hooligans, in the world of illustrator Fabian Ciraolo.

Saatchi Online Artist: Lykke Steenbach Josephsen; Mixed Media, 2013, Painting "Butterfly boheme" #LykkeJosephsen

Mixed Media, Painting "Butterfly boheme" a pop of color will liven up a dark room

Artist: Octavio Ocampo  Born in 1943 in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico   Title: Mouth of Flower  Style: Surrealism   Genre: portrait   Tags: female-portraits , from Iryna

Mouth of Flower - Octavio Ocampo This is good art because it is an optical illusion. It could either be just some flowers with a butterfly, or you can also see a woman's face. It is very creative in a subtle way.