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great dane :)

Great Dane - Nice pic - he's very attentive. He's not done growing - look at his paws.

Family Danes - Home, great website to buy my future great dane

Family Danes - Home, great website to buy my future great dane

To great danes - Cheezburger

To great danes

That's okay, my Dane also thinks the meter man is shifty 20 Funny Photos of Guilty Great Danes

Our Great Dane Eli has issues with the Meter Man because he comes so close to the house. He jumped up on the window and broke it! His sign says, “I think the Meter Man is SHIFTY! so I broke t…

Great dane..strong face

The Great Dane. I love everything about the great dane. the size the look, and who doesn't want there own Scooby Do?

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest Great Dane of them all? It& hard to choose with Petplan family members Tess and Colbi dressed in their Sunday best!

Great Danes

So true. We gave goose a bath and she does not like water in our small tub when normally its done outside during summer in the kiddy pool. And even tho she was scared she went full ahead with trust.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6: Squishy Faces - A New Kind of Normal

Blue Great Dane~This puppy is a perfect example of what I'd love to see under the tree for me in a few years. A blue great dane that's still a widdle biddy puppy.