Hanging Cocoon For Emergency Outdoor Survival

The Hanging Tent Company has produced a suspended tent meant for those that might not want to camp, but will certainly glamp (glamourous camping). Called the roomoon, it’s a sphere-shaped, portable tent that hangs among the trees. This isn’t the first time that we’ve admired this type of structure; similar to the Tentsile, it means you can sleep high above the ground and closer to the stars.

sleeping warm

Tree-stump grilling. This is cool. We did this all the time in Germany. I t is called the swedish fire log. pour and soak for a few days or weeks. then when you need it start it on fire and you have a fire log that last for hours. we did this in the snow when we had parties or people over to keep warm.

LifeStraw - Drink All The Dirty Water!...this is amazing!

Did you know that a crayon will burn for 30 minutes? Put a pack in your emergency preparedness kit! /#preparedness#emergency#72 hourkit#LDS#Mormon#life hacks

Lo-Tech Security: Easy way to build a perimeter bear alarm for your camp with a boat horn, some monofilament, a rock and a stick.

M48 Tactical Survival Series Spear, Hammer and Axe

#Preppers/Survivalists: Hammock Tent with a 'Rain Catching' Tarp. http://dunway.us/kindle/html/frugal1.html

Tree tents…it must be.... in-tense?! Hahahorf. But seriously, i would be paranoid of the bottom tearing in the middle of the night

Wow. This paracord bracelet from Bizurkur is nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

For camping or survival kit

The Bear Star from the guys at Bush Smarts is a titanium line thrower. Toss this thing like a Chinese throwing star into a tree to get your food out of reach of bears in the backcountry. It comes with a titanium clip that can be easily attached to Bush Smarts Bear Bag. Definitely beats a rock and paracord.

firebugs: strike anywhere matches bundled with waxed dental floss and dipped in paraffin wax =fire starters.

TAMPON Survival Uses # 4: Crude Survival Straw Filter - tampons are a serious survival tool - read on!

Cold weather shelters

gearpods: survival containers

Emergency Shelter free Plans and setup ideas

Creating a survival cache. alternatively can use a lock and lock container. bury it somewhere reachable. keep identification, titles, deeds, survival items and possibly cash in it.