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A small 12 volt solar panel with a couple of deep cycle batteries should take care of your lighting needs. #apocalypse #teotwawki #shtf

Hemmings Motor Newsfrom Hemmings Motor News

almost free garage heat – just drink a lot of soda

how to make a home made solar panel out of soda cans!


Rain Barrels, Chicken Coops, and Solar Panels

Rain Barrels, Chicken Coops, and Solar Panels - Instructables' guide for living off the grid

MNN - Mother Nature Networkfrom MNN - Mother Nature Network

DIY solar panels with damaged solar cells

How to Make Inexpensive DIY Home-Built Solar Panels with Damaged Solar Cells from Ebay

SHTF Medical Skill of the Day: How to Make IV Fluid at Home You will not find this anywhere else on the web!!!

How to get 2000ºF Solar Power – Great For When SHTF purify water, cook food, melt padlocks and metal and start a fire instantly #shtf #solar #survival

Inhabitatfrom Inhabitat

Rayton's new super-efficient, affordable solar panels could trump fossil fuels

Striking another blow to the oil and gas industries, an American solar company has developed technology that can produce super-efficient solar power that’s cheaper than fossil fuels. Rayton Solar’s new solar panel manufacturing technology uses 50 to 100 times less silicon than other technologies, cutting out large amounts of the most costly component of solar panels


How to Get Cheap Solar Power

Unleash the power of free and cheap solar energy and get your family off the grid with these 14 solar-themed Instructables. Learn how to make your own solar panels for less, build a solar over, solar powered phone charger and much much more!