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  • CeceMelinda

    "the Kindl market at Xmas has some good GLUG!" - @wcrtchicago

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"Hands down the most marriages and couples made are @ the World's Largest Block Party thrown by OSP in June" - @joeatgroupon

"Taste of Chicago is a great intro to many Chicago staples!" - @gtrotCHI

"We love Taste of the Gold Coast!" - @southportlanes

Question 4: So many festivals have amazing art available. Which is the city's best summer art fest?

"I have to say @RenegadeCraft is THE fair to get your hands on unique DIY goodies." - @SocialKaty

"The Wells Street Arts Festival and the Old Town Art Fair are the two best. Plus right next to each other!" - @PoggledChicago

"Art View in Lakeview is a great one, as is Lakeview East Festival of the Arts" - @Chicagoista

"Old Town Art Fair, hands down. Every year, great art represented by even better artists. Plus a slew of GREAT bars on Wells St." - @kuphinit

"Who needs a fest for this? The city itself is art!" - @styleblacklabel

"@MilAveArtsFest for sure!" - @LoganSquarist

Question 3: Ethnic festivals are one of the best things about Chicago. Which ethnic fest is your fave?

"Fiesta del Sol in Pilsen is HUGE!" - @kubalski (image courtesy of myadventuresinpho...)

"With such a large presence and influence on the city, it would have to be Polish Fest. It has everything." - @radissonbluaqua

"We love the Lincoln park Arts & Music Festival!" - @heronpr

"African Festival of the Arts is fantastic!" - @HFofNicholes

"Taste of Melrose Park. Panzerottis... sfingi... arancini..." @musicadamt

"The Andersonville Midsommarfest. It's Swedish. And Swedish girls? Yes, please!!" - @kuphinit

"Love Greekfest, Mayfest, and a little-known one - Velika Gospa (pictured) in Bridgeport" - @southportlanes

"Mayfest, Taylor Street Festa Italiana (pictured)" - @Bearsinwhtsox

Question 2: If its not about the music, its about the beer! Which summer fest has the best drinking scene?

"I'm quite partial to a good street margarita/sangria at Mole de Mayo in Pilsen, myself" - @redeyedrinks

"Craft Beer Festival in Old Town anyone?!" - @geminibistro

"the Kindl market at Xmas has some good GLUG!" - @wcrtchicago

"Gotta be Oktoberfest, right? I mean, that fest is dedicated to beer drinking!" - @justinoutofhome

"Naperville Wine Festival (pictured) for wine and Oktoberfest for beer" - @WindyCityBdr