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Afternoon eye candy: Johnny Depp (30 photos)

Johnny Depp- One of my favorite actors of all time. Like top He is a gorgeous thing to look at

short stubble beard for simple look #beard @beardorgin

9 Reasons To Love The Short Stubble Beard

Johnny Depp, male actor, sexy guy, beard, steaming hot, celeb, famous, intense eyes, eye candy, portrait, photo

Johnny Depp now, then… and all in between (44 photos)

Johhny Depp ,he is so darn hot :) movie tv actors actresses i like svetlanakennaug

Ryan Reynolds ♥.I really like him. Please check out my website Thanks.

Ryan Reynolds ♥ My longest running man crush. I fell in love with Berg (and, thus Ryan Reynolds) during the first episode of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place in I loved that show.

Afternoon eye candy: Hotties with major lip action (29 photos)

Afternoon eye candy: Hotties with major lip action (29 photos)

Douglas Booth please stop biting your lip cause everytime you do I die just a little bit

pretty pretty pretty......

Evening Eye Candy: Paul Walker

Just saw someone post this. "Paul Walker - dont now who he is but he's gorgeous :)" Apparently you know you're old when you know who Paul Walker is. He was the sexiest man on the planet. Paul Walker you are greatly missed.

In my head this is Park all grown up (sorry, just read the book. Still have feels and stuff). I'm referring to the book , Eleanor and Park if you're confused.

Afternoon eye candy: Men in suits (31 photos)