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Alec, later on, became a model from a very young age, is also low-key a very talented singer

enfemeninofrom enfemenino

Paul Walker - el álbum del Club de Fans

Paul Walker

Supa Woman | De Eles para Elasfrom Supa Woman | De Eles para Elas

E Deus Criou o Homem

… e é caso para dizer “short or long hair, we don’t care“! Porque parece que a Chris Hemsworth não há nada que caia mal.

The boy was tall, with long, shining dark blonde hair down to the bottoms of his ribs. His face was not angular like most of the boys she had ever met, but very handsome, with high cheekbones and deep-set eyes the colour of jade. She smiled politely, keeping her eyes trained on his face so not to linger on his exposed chest, lined with muscle. It was a thin and modest kind of muscle. Pretty, almost.

JUSTIN HARTLEY, Actor, Writer, Director. 1977. ILL (Knoxville). Bl-bl. 6-3. Credits: Passions (2002-06); Smallville (2006-11); Emily Owens MD (2013). 9, 9, 9. Mar. 2004-divor 2012; 1d.