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  • Brenda Hagan

    behavior card - could be used for any reinforcment

  • Kimberly Wright-Knowles

    A great site with blogs, plus behavior ideas!! [Behavior punch card, for every good thing they do you punch a number out. When all twenty are punched out they go to the treasure box ]

  • KristenšŸ’˜

    Behavior punch card-- great for classroom management

  • Kenna Meadow

    For Lindsay's classroom! Behavior punch card, for every good thing they do you punch a number out. When all twenty are punched out they go to the treasure box.

  • Denise Wood

    Behavior punch card!!! plus tons more behavior management ideas!

  • Stephanie Wade

    behavior punch card. This would also work with a color coded behavior chart: 1 per green, 2 per every level above, and none for below. Students could also color for those days

  • Sabrina

    Individual behaviour management

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I'm so excited about these positive behavior punch cards... I was not looking forward to having to use a sticker chart!

This is a behavior punch card that is used to reward positive behavior in the classroom. This again stresses the importance of positive behavior in the classroom and also hints on the rewards as well. If you get all 20 squares punched in for good behavior then you get a free homework pass or lunch with the teacher:)

Behaviour punch cards: At the end of a good day, they get a hole punched in their Behavior Punch Card. After they get 20 hole punches they get to pick out of the prize box! I copy the punch card on colored cardstock and I have my kiddos store them in their pencil boxes, but you could add a magnet to the bottom and have them stick them under their desks. Click the picture to download

Encourage, motivate, and reward good behavior with these free printable Good Behavior Punch Cards!

Set of 30 different behavior punch cards with different graphics, including some for seasons and holidays. Great tool for behavior management.

"Good deed cards" for kids. Punch holes for good deeds, and once they do 10 they get a treat. I would maybe set some ground rules first though (maybe a hole punched if they did all their chores one day, etc, rather than for EVERY good thing they do)

I will begin using this in January...thinking that it will go over well with the kiddos.

6 different punch cards for positive rewards and behavior management @Amy Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons Lyons Dugan...this is better than red, yellow, green.

FREE! Differentiated Behavior Punch Cards - Challenging Class? These behavior cards can be used to motivate a wide range of students. Additional themes available.

Behavior contract; it's a great way to let kids know what you expect from them, as well as keep in touch with parents!

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize