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  • iJules

    cafe cubano #Love this #Coffee #Recipe <3

  • Isabel Viar

    Cafe Bustelo is inexpensive and yummy strong coffee. I want to get a stovetop espresso pot like this! mom would not give me this so I would sneak up stairs to grandma's house to get some coffee. he he

  • Melissa Jablonowski

    Bye Bye Starbucks! Cafe Bustelo is inexpensive and yummy strong coffee. Ground especially for Bialetti stove top.

  • Melissa Jablonowski

    Cafe Bustelo is inexpensive and yummy strong coffee.Sometimes Starbucks seems like such a cliche. No? Ground perfectly for a Bialetti stovetop maker!

  • Falesha Amanda

    #cuban #coffee cafe con leche

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No Cuban meal is complete without a café cubano (Cuban coffee). A well-made café cubano has a thick layer of sweet crema (cream) floating over strong espresso. To get the crema right, whisk about 1 tablespoon of the espresso with sugar until it turns foamy, then pour the pot of espresso over it. Lourdes Castro says you can't overbeat a crema, so stir it energetically.

how to make Cuban coffee (or café con leche) on the stovetop...... must get a stovetop espresso pot!!!!!

Many years ago I asked Starbucks for Cuban coffee and the response was condesending as he and the mngr said there is no such thing, there never was any such coffee. HA! Don't ever say never!!

I love the idea of using these as flower pots in the reception. Maybe with Queen Anne's lace or baby's breathe in them? I already have a little collection since this is my favorite coffee :)

The Coffee Pot, sometimes called the Koontz Coffee Pot, was built in 1927 by David Berton Koontz to attract more customers to his service station next to Lincoln Highway/U.S. Route 30. in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Now the Bedford Coffee Pot, it sits in its restored glory at the Bedford County Fairgrounds.

Coffee house....I'll take a "proper coffee"....or whatever ya got!!! :-) KSS

Wow, did not know that Cafe Bustelo is the best selling espresso brand in the US! Also that the company is moving into the refrigerated beverage market with the Bustelo Cool. It is a cuban-style cafe con leche made with intensely flavored coffee (Cafe Bustelo espresso) that is sweetened with sugar and given a splash of milk. This will be exciting to try!!!

: ))))))) The secret to Cuban "cafecito," is the finely ground, dark roasted coffee beans used in the brew. Use a spoon to stir up the first few drops of coffee with the sugar in the pot to create a sweet, frothy foam – called "espumita." This will rise to the top when you pour the coffee in the cup.