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Funny Seasonal Ecard: Perfect weather, colorful leaves, bonfires, comfy blankets, wearing hoodies, and of course watching FOOTBALL! I love the Fall!

Girls who love football are not weird. They're a rare gift from God. Those girls get bigger diamonds! - True Story!

All spring and summer she was a graceful, classy lady...then football season started.

NOTHING HAS EVER BEEN MORE TRUE THAN THIS PHOTO! Seriously, Vermont is pretty for like 2 hours in the fall and then it all turns shit brown and gets wet.

Pumpkin scented, pumpkin flavored, I love it all

Thank you Cruz Azul. I hope I won't be fat, and depressed by the end of the season. This if for you too United!

When I find someone that makes that a true statement, I will know it's very very serious

not from the south...

Football in Alabama is more than a regulated collage "Game" WE ARE THE "SEC" .. WE DEFINE IT ... ROLLLLL TIDE!!!!

So pretty,nature is epic. when it's not attacking me =) did anyone else hear summer nights and thing Grease?

I'd love to be able to make something like this, with all my personal favorite fall things.