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Neil Patrick Harris speaks the truth

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tee hee

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But Seriously


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Seriously!! WHY??????


Jurassic Park in my house…

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So Funny

Oh my gosh!!! Hahaha!!!

Quotes Friends Drinking

Funny Drunk Quotes Friends

Drinks Quotes

Quotes Party Drunk

Funny Quotes About Life

Friend Drunk

Funny Quotes About Drinking

Drunk Funny Quotes

Quotes About Fun Times

HAHAHA funny cause it's true!


Seriously It Shouldn’t Be That Expensive



Caitlin Matthews

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Hold Mine

Seriously It Shouldn’t Be That Expensive // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures


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Sometimes, I look through one of my boards and see the same thing more than once...

Em Grumpy

Grumpy Cat Quotes

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GRUMPY CAT!!! Grumpy Cat Quotes #GrumpyCat #Meme #Humor #Twilight #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #13

Nurse Stuff

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Medical Word

Oh my gosh couldn't resist pinning this, too funny!! (As someone in the medical field I have experience to know the truth behind the humor!)

BuzzFeed Communityfrom BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 29 Reasons Daria Was TV's Greatest Cynic

Ahhh Daria

Loved Daria

Daria And Jane

Dammit Daria

Daria Sarcasm

Sarcasm Xd

Awesome Sarcasm

Humor 29

Jane Humor

She had an absurd but great sense of humor: | 29 Reasons Daria Was TV's Greatest Cynic


This wasn’t a good idea…

Poor Dog S

Poor Baby

Poor Doggie

Poor Guy

Poor Buddy

Bad Baby

Dog S Face

The Face

Doggy'S Face

I can't even stop laughing at this.


A cat’s priceless reaction…

Cat S Face

The Face

Cat Faces

Face Poor

Bear Face

Bear Skin

Skin Rug

So Funny

Funny Stuff

Omg this made me laugh

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

24 Things That Don't Make Any Sense

The School

Middle School

School So True

Haha So True





College Students

So True! Evolution of the school desk.

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

Should You Shave Your Legs?

Leg Shaving

Hate Shaving

Shaving 101

Thought Process

Thinking Process

Making Process

Thinking Maps

Logical Thinking

Sounds Logical


BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

17 Dogs Who Had No Idea You'd Be Home So Early

Phone Ring


Idea You D

Dog Caught

Caught Red

Thief Caught

17 Dogs

12 Pets

Dogs Rule

“I just…heard your phone ring.... and smelled a piece of gum?” | 17 Dogs Who Had No Idea You'd Be Home So Early

Comment Lolol

Second Comment


Bahaha Hilarious


Funny Humor

So Funny

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Died Funny

i thought your face was embroidered on a hand towel...

CollegeHumorfrom CollegeHumor

28 Devastating Truths About Adulthood That Nobody Ever Tells You

Mascara Face

3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Mascara Wand

Younique Mascara

Younique Cosmetics

Mascara Funny

Best Mascara

Younique Beauty

3D Lashes

full house!! this is so true lol it's like we as women are genetically engineered to do this this face when applying mascara lol

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27 Pictures That Are Just Too Real

Funny Life Memes Truths

Funny Truth

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Naughtyhumor Funny

Ha! I know some people that I could send this to.

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Get Well Soon Roadkill

Poor Raccoon

Dead Raccoon

Raccoon Isn'T

Raccoon Friend

Road Kill

That S Funny

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So wrong...yet so right...

Store Cables

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Cable Storage

Pretty Hilarious

That S Funny

I laughed way too hard at this