• Amber Johnson

    go west young man havent you been told California full of whiskey, women and gold,sleeping out all night beneath the desert stars, Dream in my eye and a prayer in my heart! great song!

  • Cassie Everson

    Need this shirt for my little cowboy

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Something else came to my mind to put on the front of this shirt, but it's rather inappropriate for Pinterest. ;) lol

Caroline McLean: SO in love. SO expensive....they say it is "on sale" for $1799 but was originally $3995

What a beauty. I bought a vintage dark brown suede fringed jacket a couple of months ago. This one looks hand-painted and the colors are gorgeous.

I love that tank matched with the necklace

Well, it COULD BE Arizona. The Western Motel on El Camino Real in Santa Clara opened in 1948. The Western sign, essentially a giant neon cactus, came about a decade later – in 1959. An excellent example of mid-century roadside architecture, better catch it soon as the motel property has been slated for the development of condos and the sign, as I have been told, is going to a private collector.

western room for Boone maybe? LOve the rug and some boots or a hat on the wall would be cute. Oh a rope that spells his name?