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  • Heather Bowling

    True story ... Me and the Hunger Games

  • Hannah Bello

    It's a sign of a good book in my case. I don't usually get attached to characters in books, but I definitely did with The Hunger Games series and Divergent Series

  • November girl

    Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter, The Maze Runner, and The hunger Games along with Divergent

  • Abigail Cornman

    this is so true of some of the fantasy series ive read, i just have to read them again. Im sure its even possible to fall in love with book characters!!

  • Hannah Schumacher

    so true. the hunger games & many more :')

  • Betty Rants

    It's so true. That's what makes the books worth reading.

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So true, last time this happened it was "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green. i gave myself a headache, hiccups, and red eyes from crying :/

If everybody would read the world would be a better place :) the only cure for ignorance

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Read. Think. Imagine. - true - -- this has been so true in my life. Literature takes me 'as far away from today as I can be'

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It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it. I wish someone would just pay me to read endlessly.