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Apollo 11 - Flight Dynamics Diagram. This is by far the most elegant #Infographic I've ever seen. #GeekingOut

NASA uploaded a bunch of sweet photos onto flickr. "Apollo 11 Launched Via the Saturn V Rocket-High Angle View"

Apollo 11 Liftoff and Flag - A Saturn V rocket launches the Apollo 11 crew on the first moon landing mission on July 16, 1969 in this image framed by an American flag. Four days later, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon while crewmate Michael Collins orbited above.

Fresh on IGM > Apollo 11 Lunar Landing: Its been more than 40 years since man walked on the moon. Learn some details for the crew, the flight and the landing phase of the Apollo 11 lunar expedition. > infographicsmania...

If the planets were as far away from earth as the moon…

|| Apollo 16 orbiting the moon... Love the very smooth , almost looks carved crater!

The guy driving that thing must really be trying to compensate for something, if you know what I mean

Apollo 11 Lunar Module ascent stage photographed from Command Module by NASA on The Commons, via Flickr