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HUGE Instagram Changes + 10 Mistakes You're Making

Instagram announced HUGE changes: they're moving to an algorithm. Here's what this could mean for you plus 10 mistakes you could be making on Instagram and how to fix them!

WARNING: These 9 Common Instagram Mistakes Are Losing You Followers

The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Your Instagram + Instagram Lessons

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SCHEDULING YOUR INSTAGRAM + INSTAGRAM LESSONS By now, you probably know that being on Instagram is massively important for your blog and/or business. You know what's also important? Posting consistently. And posting great content... consistently. Doing both of those things can be very overwhelming. But there is actually a super simple way for you to do both: schedule your content.

How to find bloggers to collaborate with your small business - for new brands who can't afford to hire a PR agency for blogger outreach, this blog post has tips for finding the right bloggers to partner with and other important things your should know whe

How to Use Instagram for Business + Tips on Building Your Community

Instagram is a great marketing tool for small business! Click through the post below for tips on how to get started.

14 Photo Ideas for Instagram

Great tips for photo ideas when you have "insta-block"! Remember Instagram is effective only when you are posting great content regularly #hellosocial

The Best Hashtags for Instagram to Promote Your Blog

AMAZING collection of hashtags to promote your blog and posts on Instagram, divided into categories. Happy hashtagging! | blogging tips | instagram tips | social media tips

10 Instagram Don'ts for Your Creative Business

Are you a small business owner, etsy seller, artist, maker or creative business owner trying to promote your brand on Instagram? Don't make these mistakes! #Instagram #socialmedia