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  • Morgan Edwards

    Always wanted to brush my hair with a fork... (; #thelittlemermaid

  • Shannon Neuburg

    The Little Mermaid, favorite Disney movie ever.

  • Kathleen Lewis

    The Little Mermaid - Ariel is one of my two favorite Disney Princesses. The other is Snow White.

  • Caitlin Hanson

    My friend's niece always combs out my red hair with "dinglehoppers" when we are at restaurants. It is adorable.

  • Grace Daley

    I seriously tried to brush my hair with a fork like Ariel when I was little haha!

  • Mindy Coffey

    Dinglehopper AKA a fork used for a brush lol!

  • Kathryn McCrea

    Dinglehopper AKA a fork- The Little Mermaid

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