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15 Painted Furniture Makeovers You'll Love

Dresser Makeover Using Chalk Paint. Painting your dresser is a fun and easy way to turn an old item of furniture into a completely new piece. Here is a free project plan to refresh an outdated dresser with chalk paint.

I'm desperately searching antique stores for one of these

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe: 1 Cups of latex paint, Cup water, Cup Calcium Carbonate. Also need light and dark wax. This recipe is different from the unsanded grout recipe on this board look for a chart.

homemade chalk paint recipe - Best tip I learned form a professional furniture painter is PATIENCE. Several coats of paint and let it dry for at least 24 hrs between coats.

Homemade Chalky Finish Paint Recipe #LowesCreator

Plaster of Paris chalk paint recipe (this site compares 3 different homemade chalk paint recipies)

Want to learn how to make chalk paint at home? Check out our easy and FREE homemade Chalk Paint Recipes. 3 different chalk paint recipes just for you.

Homemade Chalk Paint | Our Experience and Recipe

Today I'm sharing with you how we made our own chalk paint and how it worked for us. Keep reading for the Recipe and more information on homemade chalk paint.

How to make Mod Podge - ½ Pint Mason Jar with lid  1 Bottle washable glu 1/3 cup water

How to Make Homemade Mod Podge- Only 2 ingredients!

How to make Mod Podge - ½ Pint Mason Jar with lid 1 Bottle washable glu cup water