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great photography...use of light to show volume of mass (3D) or shape (2d)


Cecilia Serrano

Home Architecture Art Fashion: Men's Fashion: Women's Graphic Design Illustration Interior Design General Design Photography Typography Playground Summer daze By Dmitry Alekseyev

Tarot Card 18 - The Moon Shadows.

Puckbox is perhaps the best curator of black and white photography in Tumblr. Images collected from around the web. Truly inspiring. black white modern rug

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by Arseniy Semyonov

Profile / brilliant use of light & shadow by Freek Bekaert


I like how the arms are asymmetrical while the legs are symmetrical in this picture, and especially the lighting which creates an awesome shadow that distorts the dancer's silhouette.


love the lace parasol and love the shadow..


Eye of the Beholder by Amanda Parker

Black Dots on White

#bw black and white photography by Solve Sundsbo #photography #blackandwhite #Photooftheday