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  • Maree Armstrong

    Binder clips for organizing desk cords, good idea!

  • Amanda Stiltner

    cord organization Great idea for all the wires on the Computer desk!

  • Justin Irek

    Brilliant idea! Use binder clips from the office supply store to hold your cords when they are not plugged in.

  • [  Marta ]

    Nice idea #clever #cords #binderclips #binder #clips

  • Paula Ford

    Binder clips. Great idea for desks so the cords don't fall behind.

  • Tab Goodman

    Awesome organization idea for desk: binder clips to hold cords.

  • Vintage & Photography

    life hacks for the graduate: binder clips to hang on to your cords.

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Brilliant!<<< I would have never thought of this! AH! I always have so many cords and this will definitely be helpful!!

**** cord tags - the easiest way to save yourself some frustration. I save all my bread tags now and may label every cord in my home. That way when I plug in a laptop or vacuum I won't go back to the outlet and wonder if THAT is the lamp cord or the one I just plugged in?

Dotz helps identify your cords - this site is full of cool products, although not all of them are practical :)

CableDrop™ Cord Clips These little helpers gently grasp power and peripheral cords to keep them in place.

When attached to the underside of a desk, a kitchen basket is perfect for corralling cords.

Get a cable organizer. | 52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home This would be fabulous to keep the kitties away!

Binder Clip as Linens Organizer Store sets of napkins clipped together and they’ll always be ready to set the scene at dinnertime. You'll restore order to your linen closet and save minutes searching for elusive matching colors.

cords stress me out. it stresses me out even more when i'm bent over the back of the couch and I can feel my lunch coming up and then I unplug the lamp instead of the computer cord. yes...this is a must

use embroidery thread to wrap headphones (use the knot for making bracelets) What a great idea!