CabSpotting data map

Fireflies in the Water - light installation by Yayoi Kusama

“Experiments in Motion.” The show, curated by Christopher Barley and Troy Conrad Therrien, is exhibited next to the Low Line underground park model in an Essex Street warehouse, further exploring the future of mobility, urban space, and transportation within (and below) the city


Amazing Visual Representation of Earth's Post-Industrial-Revolution Travel Routes

Ritsuko Ozeki, Netting. Aquatint, lift ground, chine colle . 59 x 39 inches

San Francisco BART station walksheds

Tony Broyez: Sound sculptures "Various outputs from a C++/OpenGL custom software i'm working on."

100. A Projective Site - The Draftery

Joshua Deacon | Composite Mapping - Process study of space through a series of layered mappings

Fireflies in the Water installation by Yayoi Kusama. With its carefully constructed environment of lights, mirrors, and water—it creates a space in which individual viewers are invited to transcend their sense of self.

City Layouts on Behance

Gorgeous studies by Reza with the Audio Shader Toy @Ryan Alexander helped build

Robert Hodgin, Turbulence study.

Japan Town Map

Brandon Martin-Anderson / All Boston Shortest Path Tree

Cities by Rosco Flevo

sacred geometry

The Tree of Life by artist Laura Zollar @Karen Jacot Jacot Jacot Syverson - made me think of the tattoo idea you described the other night

Mark Demsteader